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jackie robinson famous baseball players biography - jackie robinson became the first black player in the major leagues in 1947 signing with the brooklyn dodgers he was named rookie of the year in 1947 national league mvp in 1949 and a world, timeline jackie robinson foundation - pioneer civil rights activist jackie robinson broke the color barrier becoming the first african american in professional baseball, jackie robinson day wikipedia - jackie robinson day is a traditional event which occurs annually in major league baseball commemorating and honoring the day jackie robinson made his major league debut april 15 was opening day in 1947 robinson s first season in the major leagues initiated for the first time on april 15 2004 jackie robinson day is celebrated each year on that day, jackie robinson biography statistics facts legacy - jackie robinson jackie robinson the first black baseball player to play in the american major leagues during the 20th century he famously broke the color line of major league baseball mlb when he appeared on the field for the brooklyn dodgers on april 15 1947 a baseball icon his number was retired across mlb in 1997, jackie s nine jackie robinson s values to live by - jackie s nine jackie robinson s values to live by becoming your best self sharon robinson on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the daughter of baseball s great jackie robinson guides readers through the nine heartfelt hard won values that helped him achieve his goals courage, jackie robinson american hero sharon robinson - just in time for the major motion picture release discover everything you wanted to know about jackie robinson to tie in with the april 2013 release of the movie 42 the life story of jackie robinson this full color comprehensive biography will feature everything there is to know about this inspiring american hero, jackie robinson facts 30 interesting facts about jackie - how jackie robinson played in major league jackie robinson facts shows that he was the first african american to play in major league baseball at that time african americans were not allowed to play with americans, jackie robinson was not the first african american to play - myth jackie robinson was the first african american to play in the major leagues the great jackie robinson accomplished an amazing amount in his lifetime both on and off the field, jackie robinson 1919 1972 new georgia encyclopedia - jackie robinson became the first black man to play major league baseball in the twentieth century when he debuted with the brooklyn dodgers on april 15 1947 he went on to become the first black player to be named rookie of the year to win the most valuable player award and to be inducted into, 11 things you may not know about jackie robinson history - 1 robinson s older brother was a silver medalist at the olympics during jackie robinson s youth in california his older brother mack was a star sprinter on the pasadena junior college track, 42 facts about jackie robinson mental floss - on april 15 1947 71 years ago jackie robinson broke the baseball color line and became the first african american to play on a major sports team, jackie robinson giocatore di baseball wikipedia - en i do not care if the guy is yellow or black or if he has stripes like a fuckin zebra i m the manager of this team and i say he plays, political protests by athletes jackie robinson vs john f - vice president richard nixon shakes hands with former baseball star jackie robinson in 1960 in plainfield n j where nixon was campaigning robinson spoke for nixon around the country, african americans history culture britannica com - african americans one of the largest of the many ethnic groups in the united states african americans are mainly of african ancestry but many have nonblack ancestors as well african americans are largely the descendants of slaves people who were brought from their african homelands by force to work in the new world